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Week 9 of the NFL season and the WSOP final table

Ok, so my web dude made this site for me and then added (because I asked him to) the ability for me to write a blog. I’ve been meaning to do it. I really have.

I’ve been thinking of what exactly the best format would be for my blog. A personal memoir of sorts? A peek into my life? or just what my thoughts are? ...I’ll assume since you’re here, that you are interested in me in some fashion. if you’re not, there’s an easy remedy. Look at your web browser. Now look at where my website is opened up. There should be an “x” pretty close to where you’re looking now. Go ahead and click on that.

You’re still here?


So tonight is the final table of the WSOP main event. I’m in Los Angeles and while I love my family desperately and wouldn’t trade this life for anyone else’s, I’m going to be honest. I so badly wish I was in Vegas working this final table. Back in 2011, I had that opportunity and it was a dream come true. I wasn’t thrilled with my own performance during the Nov 9 and I haven’t had the chance to redeem myself. This, by the way, is not a dig at Lon and the job he does. Lon and I have become friends over the past few years and I have a ton of respect for the job he does. I’ve learned a lot from him and the way he carries himself on the air - keep in mind….when poker started going live 5 or 6 years ago, Lon was terrified. He thought his career was over with regards to poker. He didn’t have the experience as a player and had never covered the game live. If you’re not a poker player it can be extremely difficult (and horrifying) to commentate on it live. I have some experience broadcasting content I know nothing about and bullshitting can only get you so far (although I was able to pull that off too - another story for another day)

Back to Lon and the WSOP - the fact that he wasn’t really a poker player speaks volumes for how good this guy really is. He’s the consummate professional and to that point, he’s played a ton of poker over the past couple of years partly because he likes it, but my guess would be he mostly does it to work on his craft. He wants to understand the game better so he can be a better broadcaster.

All this said, do I want his job? You bet your fucking ass I do.

As for this year’s Nov. 9, I’m rooting for Max Steinberg. I’ve worked with him in the commentary booth and on podcasts and we’ve become friends over the past few years. He really is a class act and I think it’d be great for poker if he were the poster boy for a year.

My picks?

Thomas Cannuli is my longshot to take this down. I watched him play for hours up in Turning Stone this past summer during the Poker Night in America cash game. He’s a quiet guy, but there’s something about him. A presence. He picked his spots well that day and adapted to the table very well.

I’ll be watching and tweeting…In fact, my ass will be watching TV all day long. Week 9 of the NFL season baby!!! let’s go get some. I’ve been doing a bit of the DFS thing and why not put my picks here?

I’ve got ridiculous love for Delanie Walker this week. TE for the Titans. Mariota is back. This figures to be a high scoring affair and Tennessee is missing two of their top wideouts. Along the same lines, I like Mariota and Dorial Green for Tournaments.

Some obvious picks for me….

Denver’s defense. Hard to not go with them…Best defense by far playing an offense that can’t get out of their own way.

Devonta Freeman - he’s expensive, but I think his volume, his tendency to get 6-10 targets a game makes him a nice play.

I like Pittsburgh receivers & Heath Miller

Now more of my own personal love

Malcolm Floyd is a nice play in SD .... he’s cheap and Rivers loves him.

John Elway, Kubiak and the rest of the Denver brass realize that if they are going to win it all this year, it’ll be with an amazing defense and a great running game. The running game looked good last week and I think they continue that this week against Indy. Many will shy away from Hillman or CJ Anderson because they are sharing the rock. I think there will be plenty to go around this week for both to be very effective and if Hillman’s injury flares up (he was limited in practice this week), CJ could have a monster week. (CJ looked like last year’s version of himself last week)

One last guy I like this week is Blount. Washington’s run defense is overrated. It’s been bad for weeks and I think there’s a chance this is one of 3 games this year where New England really establishes the run and stays with it.

I just looked at the clock and realized my kid will be up any minute - of course, all I want to do now is go back to bed for another hour. Odds of that happening?

by David Tuchman
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